Platinum Bay

Kamala $121.3k - $195.1k Fully furnished luxurious condominiums located in Kamala, just a few minutes' walk from Kamala Beach. Natural waterfall on the premises. At the mountain's peak, there is a garden offering views of the sea and Kamala Beach.


Rawai Elite residence with a pool, and panoramic views, Phuket, Thailand


Layan $629,000 - $963,300 Brand new complex with a private pool and underground parkin

Vista Del Mar

Nai Thon Beach $821,000 - $1.9 million Villa complex with pools and sea views near Nai Thon Beach

Zenithy Villas

Pasak $1,116,000 - $1.4 million New project with private pools in Phuket, Thailand

Asherah Villas Phase 3

Layan $924,000 - $943,300 New villa complex with pools near the beaches, Phuket, Thailand

Nature’s Rest Villas Cherngtalay

Si Sunthon $945,000 - $1.3 million A new villa complex with hot springs near the beach, Phuket, Thailand

Nature’s Rest Villas Saiyuan

Rawai Beach $868,000 - $868.300 New villa complex with 24/7 security near beaches, Phuket, Thailand

Wanda Vista Resort Phuket Layan

Layan Beach $123,000 - $429,800 The complex, complete with a refreshing pool and spa center, ideally positioned just 400 meters from the shores.

Utopia Maikhao

Maikhao $353,000 - $643.2000 New villa complex near the beach and golf club, Phuket, Thailand

Utopia Karon

Karon $142,000 - $219,000 Residential project with pools and spa near the beach

Clover II The Valley

Si Sunthon $767,000 - $1 million An exclusive residential development of brand-new villas with private pools in Phuket, Thailand.

Gloria Villas

Muang Phuket $429,000 - $946.800 A villa compound boasting pools, conveniently located near all essential amenities in Phuket, Thailand.

California Rawai

Rawai $125,000 - $650,000 Luxury residences featuring lush tropical gardens and expansive terraces.

Botanica The Valley

Chong Thale $2,071,000 - $5.5 million Secure villa complex with pools near the beaches, Phuket, Thailand

Hythe Condominium

Pasak $302,000 - $3.9 million Residence with pools near the beaches, Phuket, Thailand

Botanica Montazure

Kamala $1,353,000 - $2 million Villa complex with pools near the beach

Botanica Tonino Ocean Valley

Paklok $1,986,000-$3.9 million New villas with sea views

The Residence Prime

Thep Kasattri From $683,000 Three-story premium-class villa with a pool, close to golf clubs, beaches, and international schools

Trinity Village

Pasak From $761,000 Two-story villa with a large pool, and garden, terrace, close to golf clubs and the beach.Villas with pools in the styles of modernism, minimalism. Design elements combine luxury, tranquility, and nature.

Platinum Bay

Kamala $121.3k - $195.1k Fully furnished luxurious condominiums located in Kamala, just a few minutes' walk from Kamala Beach. Natural waterfall on the premises. At the mountain's peak, there is a garden offering views of the sea and Kamala Beach.

Fantasea Condo Kamala

Kamala $71 400 - $148 400 The residence features parking, a swimming pool, and a garden, as well as a fitness center.

Chalong Marina Bay

Chalong $182 300 - $645 300 The perfect premium-class seaside location in Phuket, where luxury meets comfort. Stunning apartments with breathtaking sea views, spacious layouts, and all bedrooms equipped with en-suite bathrooms, providing truly unforgettable experiences. The ideal blend of premium-class seaside living with all the conveniences. And since Chalong Beach is just 80 meters away, the island's beauty is only a few minutes' walk. The complex features a large pool, a restaurant, parking for 31 cars, and more than 1000 m² of green areas.

Wyndham Grand Naiharn

Nai Harn $213,700 - $430,400 Wyndham Grand Naiharn is a condo-hotel offering a wide range of resort amenities exclusively for hotel residents. Amenities include a reception and lobby, banquet hall, sauna and spa, kids' club, fitness center, luxurious pool, restaurant, and concierge services.

City Gate

Kamala $116,000 - $248,400 City Gate is a premium residential complex that includes a lobby and gallery, co-working space, a large pool with a bar and sunbathing area, a rooftop pool, gym, multiple restaurants, a spa, and a medical center. The property is secured 24/7, and shuttle services are available.

Botanica Prestige

Layan and Bang Tao $1,200,000 - $1,300,000 Botanica Prestige offers villas equipped with pools, air conditioning, built-in wardrobes, fully furnished kitchens, and landscaped designs. Optional furniture packages are available for purchase.

Botanica Lakeside II

Layan $764,000 - $1,600,000 Botanica Lakeside II offers Bali-style villas featuring pools, terraces, landscaped gardens, and garages.

Botanica Four Seasons

Layan and Bang Tao $569,600 - $861,900 Botanica Four Seasons features one-story villas with swimming pools, manicured gardens, and parking spaces. The complex offers 4 types of villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms (each with a bathroom), and pools of 9.5x3.8 or 10x4 meters. The residence includes a large communal garden and 24-hour security. Villas are available for freehold and leasehold.

Botanica Forestique

Layan and Bang Tao $1,200,000 - $1,700,000 Offering premium villas with terraces, pools, and gazebos, some units also include barbecue areas. Land plot sizes range from 674 sq. m to 1,168 sq. m.

Botanica Foresta 2

Layan and Bang Tao $1,300,000 - $1,700,000 Botanica Foresta 2 offers a selection of villas with private pools, blending modern elite and tropical Balinese architectural styles. Land plots range from 411 sq. m to 1,373 sq. m. The complex features a park, café and restaurant, a communal pool, gym, jogging track, and a children's playground.

Botanica Foresta

Layan $1,300,000 - $1,700,000 Botanica Foresta offers various villas with pools, that are designed in a modern elite style or a tropical Balinese style. Land plot sizes range from 411 sq. m to 1,373 sq. m. The residence features a park, café and restaurant, a communal pool, gym, jogging track, and children's playground.

Anchan Mountain Breeze

Nai Thon $893.200 - $1.300.000 Villas with 15-meter pools, jacuzzis, spacious terraces, lush gardens, and panoramic mountain views are offered at Anchan Mountain Breeze. The property features a garden, parking, 24/7 security, and video surveillance.

Anchan Flora 2

Bang Tao $676,000 A new project consists of premium villas in Phuket from a reliable developer. The price includes a landscaped garden, air conditioning, a pool, wardrobes, a kitchen. Furniture package - 1,615,733 Thai Baht.

Sea Heaven

Nai Thon $140.600 - $374.500 Sea Heaven is located near the Sirinat National Park. The concept offers health, cosmetic, and medical services. A part of the territory will house the branch of an international hospital from Bangkok.

Botanica Hillside

Ao Por $795.200 - $1.000.000 Villas with 3.85 x 12.25 m pools, terraces, and parking spaces are offered. Land plot sizes range from 437 m² to 599 m². Each house includes 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Anchan Indigo

Bang Tao $715.800 - $777.200 Modern tropical-style villas with a 41 m² pool, terrace, and garage are offered. The area is under 24/7 security.

Botanica Ocean Valley

Ao Por $2.000.000 - $3.900.000 Modern tropical-style villas with a 41 m² pool, terrace, and garage are offered in this residence. The property features 24/7 security. The villas have 4-5 bedrooms, and there are a total of 9 offerings.

Above Villa

Bang Tao $871.500 - $$1.200.000 Modern, comfortable, and furnished villas in Asian style are offered. Nearby, there is a shopping center, restaurants, and a spa center.

Botanica Grand Avenue

Layan $1.600.000 - $5.800.000 51 villas in Balinese style with areas 852-2036 m²

Anchan Horizon

Bang Tao $1.383.000

Above Element

Bang Tao $148K - $543K The residential complex comprises 263 apartments ranging from 38 m² to 138 m².

Proxima villas

Bang Tao $470K - $770K The complex is located in the Bang Tao area. It is a prestigious place with an 8-kilometer beach and stunning infrastructure surrounded by five-star hotels.

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      Houses for sale in Thailand

      Thailand is not only a destination for an exciting vacation but also a source of income for investors. The country offers a variety of options that combine luxury, comfort, and profit prospects. Here are some popular types of real estate:


      • Villas in Thailand are true oases of luxury and comfort. Located both on the coast and inland, they offer spacious grounds, private pools, and magnificent views. To buy a villa in Phuket, you need to pay a minimum of $320,000.
      • Condominiums – multi-story residential complexes provide excellent options for those seeking modern housing in the city center. Condominiums offer amenities such as pools, gyms, and security, making them attractive for both short-term and long-term stays.
      • Apartments in Thailand represent stylish and practical housing, usually located in picturesque suburbs or tourist areas. They feature a variety of layouts and often provide property management services.
      • Townhouses are an excellent combination of space and cost-effectiveness. Often situated in gated complexes, they provide comfort for family living, offering private yards and parking spaces.

      Best location to buy a house in Thailand

      When purchasing a home, a key question that potential investors face is the choice of the optimal location. With the abundance of picturesque areas and a variety of offerings throughout the country, determining the ideal location for your villa can be challenging.

      Popular Regions:

      • Phuket
        – Renowned for its pristine white beaches and crystal-clear sea.
        – Perfect for enthusiasts of an active lifestyle and water sports.
        – High tourist influx ensures a lucrative rental income from a luxury house for sale in Phuket.
      • Bangkok
        – Gorgeous metropolis that offers modern amenities and a variety of cultural events.
        – Perfect for those seeking a blend of city life and cultural entertainment.
      • Pattaya
        – Combines beautiful beaches with diverse cultural activities.
        – A variety of villa options in Pattaya allows finding the perfect home: from luxury houses for sale to cozy houses in picturesque areas.
        – Steady growth in the real estate market.
      • Samui
        – A popular tourist resort due to its white sandy beaches and transparent water.
        – A vast selection of villas and bungalows (the construction of multi-story buildings is prohibited by law on the island).
      • Hua Hin
        – Thailand’s oldest resort, popular among tourists.
        – High and low seasons are pronounced, which leads to reduction of rental income during rainy periods.

      How to obtain Permanent Residency in Thailand

      To reside permanently in Thailand, one requires a visa, permanent residency (PR), or citizenship. There are two types of long-term visas: Non-immigrant and Thai Elite. The first visa allows obtaining permanent residency and can be acquired for work, business, family reunification, and investments. Holders of a non-immigrant visa are required to notify the immigration service of their stay in the country every 90 days and extend the validity period annually.

      The Thai Elite program grants the right to reside in Thailand for up to 20 years and is aimed at attracting affluent investors.

      Categories of Thai Elite visas:

      1. Elite Gold Membership — a 5-year visa for a one-time fee of $25,000.
      2. Elite Platinum Membership — a 10-year visa for a fee of $41,000.
      3. Elite Diamond Membership — a 15-year visa for $70,000, with an additional fee of $41,000 for extra family members.

      In addition to the three main visa types, there is a 20-year visa. It can be obtained by invitation, but the details are not disclosed. It is known that the cost of such a visa is $140,000, and only 100 foreigners can obtain it annually.

      Advantages of the Thailand Elite Visa

      The program offers participants a range of benefits and privileges when visiting and residing in the country. Here are some of the key advantages of the visa:

      • Participants in the program can obtain multiple-entry visas for a period ranging from 5 to 20 years, ensuring long-term stays.
      •  The process of obtaining the visa is usually more convenient and faster compared to regular visas. Participants can expect expedited application processing and quicker visa issuance.
      • Participants are entitled to priority services at airports, including expedited immigration controls and dedicated waiting areas.
      • Thailand Elite provides access to special events, care events, and privileges, including exclusive tours and offers from program partners.
      • Participants in the program gain access to various exclusive services, including discounts on hotels, restaurants, medical services, and entertainment activities.
      • The program offers participants business privileges, including consultations on business matters and proposals from business partners affiliated with the program.

      Investment Attractiveness of Thailand

      Thailand has remained an attractive destination for investors and real estate buyers over the past 10 years. The country captures the attention of foreign investors, including those from Russia. House prices in Thailand are more affordable than in competing countries. The economy demonstrates stability, and its positions in international investment ratings confirm its attractiveness.

      The key advantage of the kingdom is its year-round resorts, perfect for relaxation and ensuring investors a stable income. For Russian investors, Thailand becomes particularly appealing due to its beautiful landscapes, secluded beaches, and well-developed infrastructure. Purchases among Russians constitute a significant share, and the benefits of a low entry threshold, high returns, low taxes, and the possibility of full ownership make Thailand an attractive investment destination.

      Phuket, the most attractive resort in Thailand, attracts special interest. Limited land resources on the island and demand for real estate create favorable conditions for price growth. The stable development of infrastructure and the island’s attractiveness to tourists emphasize its potential as a successful investment direction. That’s why the prices for Phuket luxury villas for sale  are slightly above the national average.

      Key Strategies for investors

      Based on expected returns and investors’ financial capabilities, specialists highlight three most popular schemes:

      1. Speculative strategy based on entering a project during the construction phase. In this case, prices can increase by 25-30%, and sometimes even more than 60% in 2 years. This strategy involves selling the property before its completion, minimizing expenses for taxes and registration. However, it comes with some risks and is not suitable for those with budget constraints.
      2. Conservative strategy involves a contract with the developer for a period of 5 to 15 years. It ensures a stable income and minimizes the risks of renting out. Downsides include a limited period of personal residence and difficulties in reselling the property during the contract period.
      3. Purchasing property with the goal of generating rental income, followed by selling it at the maximum price after 5-10 years. This strategy allows for personal use of the property and is less risky compared to speculative ventures.

      The most convenient option is acquiring property in a complex with professional hotel management. This ensures maximum income and relieves investors of concerns about renting out, maintenance, and property management.

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